Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Definitely good for something

I am pretty sure that now EVERYONE knows about Pinterest. It is amazing and addicting and makes me feel completely inadequate as a wife and part time SAHM.

Yes, all of the amazing meals, organization and DIY crafting cause this mama to be completely overrun with guilt. 
Where were my:
Gourmet meals to satisfy Nick's appetite? 
Cruz's homemade baby shoes?
Put together fashion ensembles?
Where was my:
DIY detergent?
Perfect smokey eye?
Design magazine worthy living room?

SOoooo in an effort to make myself feel better, I decided to actually use Pinterest for it's intended purpose and become a crafter. 

Suzy-homemaker here I come. 

It all started this weekend when Nick decided to have a mancation with three of his buddies and head to Pullman for the weekend. 

What would we do with our weekend? Ahhh right. Craft. 

So I packed up Cruz and we headed over to Emily's for the ultimate sleepover. 

Our first project? This little beaut from Pinterest. 

Love this for a year round letter to hang on the door of a house!  (Twine Wrapped Letter- Would be super cheap-  All supplies available at Hobby Lobby for less than 4 dollars.)

We tried Hobby Lobby first for our supplies - sadly they didn't have the size letter we were hoping for. 
Their cardboard letters were far too small. 

JoAnne's was our next top and bam - we hit the letter jackpot. For around $10 a piece, we were able to find letters, jute twine, black ribbon and felt for three of us (Kelly soon-to-be-Nichols joined us).

I will say this - this was no 2 hour project like someone on Pinterest had claimed. 
Maybe if you had an L like my sister did..but us S's...HA. It took me a good half day of wrapping and gluing to get my S to look like the my Pinspiration.

Here, impressively, is the final product. 

Kelly's N

My S

Em's L

And where my S has come to rest.
I love it!
OMG, just you wait until I bring out the big guns for the front porch...think this in HUGE scale. Cause let's face it...my life's motto? 
Go big or go home.

Pinned Image

To make craft day that much sweeter - each hubby/soon to be hubby - commented on how great the new addition is to the decor.
Extra Love!

Not to shabby for our first - of many - Pinterest inspired craft days. 

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  1. ASHLEY! I am loving your beautiful Christmas crafts!! I'm wanting to copy... great job!